As you drive into the Lumsden Valley, it’s possible you might miss out on visiting one of the biggest gardens around. No fancy signs or big buildings are around to point out Pioneer & Frontier Gardens, but this family-run business has been farming in the Regina area since the 1800s. Their current spot, comprised of about 30 acres of gardens near Lumsden and Craven, is once again overflowing with summer’s bounty, and about to celebrate 50 years in business.

Lloyd senior’s family was always in the business of farming; at one time, the family held land near what is now Winnipeg Street. Lloyd decided it was about time he looked for his own land, and he settled on a picturesque patch in the valley. Lloyd Jr. joined the family business in time, and today Pioneer (son) and Frontier Gardens (father) are growing and growing.

Lloyd Junior’s philosophy for growing a great garden is simple: plan it right, get the seeds in the ground, and let Mother Nature take care of it. Assisted by a bit of irrigation, the vegetables and fruit grow on their own schedule, in accord with the season, as nature allows. (Nature allowed for waaaaaaaay too many cucumbers this year.)

We are very proud to carry the bounty from Frontier & Pioneer Gardens, but if you want to go the extra mile (or kilometre) and see just where your asparagus, potato or carrot came from, you can help Betty, Lloyd and Lloyd Jr. celebrate their 50th Anniversary this weekend (August 13 & 14). Take a beautiful drive into the valley, look for the BBQ tent, bring a little cash, enjoy a hot dog, and take home a bag or three of garden fresh vegetables. Celebrations are open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and you are definitely welcome!

Just in from the gardens this week: fresh cut cauliflower! And, Mother Nature permitting, Lloyd Jr. says plums and concord grapes are looking like they will be ready soon.