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The traditional meat pie is a classic English dish that has its roots in ancient Rome, but is now a beloved comfort dish around the world.

Chef Malcolm brought his pie skills halfway around the world when he settled in Regina, (do visit with him some time, he’s got the loveliest accent) and after time working with Regina restaurants, is now well on his way to creating a pie empire with his amazing hand made pies.

As any pie lover will tell you, pastry is of utmost importance. It’s not difficult to find a great recipe, but the little tips and tricks of a seasoned pie maker are what produce a flaky, savoury crust that you could eat all on its own, if it weren’t for the fact that the meaty fillings are their own reward.

Chef makes his pies in small batches, and they re-heat to their absolute best, savoury, flaky goodness in your oven. We carry three classic flavours, fresh-frozen and ready to be dinner any night: beef & onion, chicken, ham & mushroom and lamb, pea & mint. There’s also a family-sized chicken, ham & mushroom which is also the prettiest pie you’ll ever see, with an herb-dusted crust that is almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

Chef also cooks up weekly specials that are his own unique creations, sealed into that signature flaky crust. Follow the Facebook page to see what’s on special and order one up direct from the chef himself.

We like to keep several varieties of the individual sized pies on hand for busy nights. Everyone gets what they like, and we get to say that a chef made our supper!

You can also follow Chef Malcolm’s Hand Made Pies on Twitter.

Beautiful and delicious meat pies by Chef Malcolm:

Chef pies Chef pies

Bon appetit!

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