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This week, we’ve got a “raw” story featuring treats and snacks that are healthy and delicious.

In 2007, Bonnitta Whitrow was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, but she credits natural health and wellness strategies for her quality of life today. She founded Bee Raw to share healthy food with her community, with a focus on good food as a cornerstone of a healthy life.

Everything Bee Raw makes uses whole food ingredients. The eats and treats are gluten free, dairy free, and always free of preservatives or additives. We currently carry the Bee Raw peanut butter cups (if you ever said to yourself “I’m going to make home made peanut butter cups” but never got around to it, try the Bee Raw ones!). Also in store are the Bee Raw protein bars, which look like a delectable pan of dessert but are packed with honey, peanuts, natural oats, sunflower & hemp seeds and a touch of Himalayan pink salt. Also: drizzled with chocolate to finish. Very important. Try a slice for your afternoon break and power up instead of slowing down!

Protein bars

Bonnitta’s treats tend to disappear really quickly around our house, but luckily they come in frozen so you can keep more on hand for when you need them. The peanut butter cups are great for a no-fuss dessert when you have company, too.

More info about Bee Raw is available on their web site or Facebook page.

Bon appetit!

The Local & Fresh Team