Welcome back to Producer Profiles! We’re very pleased to welcome Wood’s Body Goods to our brand new Bath & Body section of the store. You can clean up right with their natural soaps and cosmetics made right here in Saskatchewan. Wood’s features gentle, natural scents and quality ingredients that all come together to make a versatile body care collection.

Wood’s Body Goods’ manufacturing facility is based in Aberdeen (Saskatchewan, not Scotland)  and from there, they supply all of Canada with handmade, natural, bath, body, and beauty products.
Goods to Go
The “Goods to Go” gift set gives you a sample size of all three products. (Great stocking stuffer!)

The company location gives Wood’s Body Goods access to some of the best ingredients Canada has to offer, right at their doorstep. The beeswax used in 85% of their products comes from a farm just a few miles away. Also nearby is one of the best micro-breweries in Canada, Paddock Wood Brewing Co., whose beer they proudly use in their beer soaps.

Just after launching in 2013, the company was a finalist for the Sabex New Business Venture Award, and was nominated for several others. If they sound familiar, it may be because they have also pitched at the Brett Wilson Pitch Party, and auditioned to be on Dragon’s Den.

Thanks to loyal customers, mentorship from Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan and Praxis School of Entrepreneurship, owner Christine Wood’s hopes have became a reality and her start-up company is now providing nourishing skin care goods for those who care about what they put on their skin.

Check out the full line up of products in our Bath & Body section: beer soaps, natural deodorants and lip balms. The beer soaps are a versatile, 3-in-1 bar that produces a rich later, suitable for sudsing up, and thick enough to use as a shave soap, all while providing a moisturizing clean that won’t dry out your skin. Their deodorants are made with naturally anti-bacterial ingredients that keep you smelling fresh, and their non-greasy lip balms are perfect for protecting lips from the ever-present Saskatchewan breeze. Even better is the full list of ingredients for each product is right on the label for every single product they sell, a rarity in the cosmetic industry.

Wood’s Body Goods is open to feedback on any product you try – you can reach them directly at info@woodsbodygoods.com.

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