Kirby and Crystal have a simple philosophy when it comes to making cheese: create beautiful flavours from the best milk provided by our Saskatchewan dairies. Fresh is best.

Kirby has over a 20-year career in food production that began with wine. He spent time as a winemaker in British Columbia, California, and Chile. Kirby settled in British Columbia in 1998 and spent time making wine with four well-recognized wineries before partnering in Dunham & Froese Estate Winery.  

Crystal has over a decade of experience as a communications and marketing director. Crystal was the co-proprietor Dunham & Froese, an award-winning winery in British Columbia.

A move home to Moose Jaw to be closer to family also lead to their newest project, creating artisan cheese. Their Balkan Feta Style Cheese is created with 100% Saskatchewan cow’s milk from dairies just outside of Moose Jaw. The cows are milked in the morning and by nightfall, they are already turning it into cheese and beginning the delicious aging process. Coteau Hills Creamery Balkan Feta is a softer, creamier cheese compared to a Greek-Style Feta. It has a slightly lemony flavour profile, which makes it delicious on salads, grilled salmon, or an excellent, creamy addition to any fall casserole recipe.*

Kirby in the curing room
Kirby in the curing room

*With files from www.coteauhillscreamery.com

Chicken & Feta Pitas – Serves 4
Make it a quick and flavourful dinner with Greek chicken pitas! Grab these items in your upcoming order:
1 pkg Pine View Farms chicken souvlaki
1 3-pack English cucumbers
1 pound Floating Gardens cocktail tomatoes
1 pkg Coteau Hills Balkan style feta cheese
1 pkg Floating Gardens loose leaf lettuce 

100 ml Three Farmers Camelina oil, for cooking (or use oil you have on hand)

Plus, you may also want:
Prepared tzatziki sauce (or whip up your own with this recipe)
Red onions (we leave them on the side because the kids complain)
Black or kalamata olives
To prepare:
Defrost the souvlaki by placing package in the fridge the day before, or using your microwave’s defrost setting.

Wash lettuce; wash and dice tomatoes and cucumbers into bite-sized pieces. (Since we have a picky eater, we put everything in separate bowls to allow everyone to customize their meal.) Cut half the feta into bite-sized cubes, or grate as desired. (The remaining feta can be for another day or use it all if you really love your cheese!)

Heat your favourite cooking oil in a frying pan on medium-high heat. Before cooking, choose whether to leave the souvlaki on the sticks or pull it off and drop it into the pan (kids love food on a stick so we leave ours, but it will cook up beautifully either way.) Drop souvlaki into the pan when the pan and oil are hot, turning the pieces to evenly brown the chicken and cook it through. Test for doneness by removing a piece of chicken from the skewer and cutting in half. Remove when done, and let rest for a few minutes for maximum juiciness.

Cut pita bread in halves to form pita pockets. Warm briefly in the microwave or a low-temperature oven if desired.

Serve mixed together and stuffed into the pita bread, or in component parts, as desired. Enjoy!