Perhaps “My Generation” listened to too much classic rock, but every time I hear about the W-H-O it sets off an endless playlist of hits from The Who in my head.

This week’s pronouncement from the World Health Organization (WHO) was no different. When I heard the news that some of the tastiest meats had been now classified by the WHO as carcinogenic, I started shouting “Who are you?!” in my head.

The WHO is certainly a respected enough body to warrant a close look at the findings, but the regularity of reversals of what is “good” and what is “bad” makes one skeptical. (The all-chocolate diet I switched to after the good news about cocoa beans was a disaster for my hips! I promised myself I Won’t be fooled again.”)

All kidding aside – you don’t have to be a “Pinball Wizard” to follow the bouncing ball when it comes to food findings. Moderation is the key. Michael Pollan really nailed it on the head for me with his simple advice: “Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much”.

Choice is at the heart of why we created Local & Fresh. A variety of healthy (and some less healthy) choices creates balance. We have an array of new choices for you in this week’s new arrivals, grown, made and sourced right here in our little rectangle of the world.

Daybreak Mill 

We are very pleased to welcome organic grains and flours from Daybreak Mill in Estevan. Nicole Davis’ great-great grandfather arrived at the farm 120 years ago with a pack of seeds in his pocket and a vision for the future. Nicole carries on the tradition making certified organic grains and flours. Just search “Daybreak” in our store to find everything we’re offering, or check out a few here:

Certified Organic Rolled oats
Sunrise Pancake Mix
Red Fife (one of the first wheat varieties to ever grow in Canada)

Pure T Organics

The buzz in the food world continues to be around pulse crops as a way to reduce our reliance on meat for protein. Pure-T Organics has host of certified organic lentils, and peas including a unique product called “Splentil”. This mix of spelt and lentils is a fantastic meat substitute for meatless Monday’s and works as veggie burger or meatloaf.

Solo Italia

Solo Italia has been rolling out their incredible pasta sauces over the past few weeks. This week it is time for the pesto! We have two varieties of pesto to choose from as a sauce for their pastas or as a flavour accent for your next masterpiece.

Almond-Arugula pesto
Pesto Genovese (garlic-pinenut)

And because we believe in “everything in moderation”, why not have a sausage or two? The line of from Solo Italia, Pine View Farms and SALT is pretty impressive…and goes on for “Miles and Miles. “
Solo Italia Classic Fennel
Pine View Mild Italian
Salt Chorizo

Have a moderated week!