As the cold winter wind starts to blow outside today, perhaps you can take your mind off the weather with some fresh warm bread and hot locally roasted coffee.

We are thrilled to be adding in fresh baked bread from The Saltine Baking Company to our growing list of local groceries. We have added Saltine’s incredible Raisin Pecan Sourdough and Three Seed Sourdough breads. To ensure freshness, they will only be available for Thursday and Friday deliveries, but we hope to expand both the number of breads and the delivery options as we move forward. Let us know you like it by tweeting us or emailing your comments!

We’ve also added a new selection of locally roasted coffee from Regina’s Caliber Coffee – including a decaf option and a dark roast.

Hot Date on a cold night

If you are curled up at home on a cold winter’s night, you might as well both have the garlic. We have added Saskatoon’s Hanes Hummus to the store. If you haven’t had them before you will be amazed at how fresh it tastes, and it’s made with local chickpeas. The garlic and dill has a bright and fresh twist on the original, and the “hot date” variety will make you want to go steady with a condiment.

Speaking of condiments…

We have added a selection of new condiments so that even your pantry can be more local. There are several kinds of Gravelbourg mustards in the “Oils and condiments” section of prepared foods and even a fantastic local ketchup from SALT Food Boutique.

Don’t forget the meat and veg!

SALT Food Boutique charcuterie is now available in the store to add to our growing list of local meat. Their fresh made local pepperoni is truly amazing – and the mortadella deli meat, fresh sausage and deli ham are delightful. I can never go to SALT without getting at least a handful of their Salt Caramels – so we have those too!

What’s meat without its good friend vegetables? You can still get the freshest greens in Saskatchewan – even if it is 40 below outside. The year-round greenhouses at both Campbell Greenhouses and Floating Gardens are producing some amazing fresh lettuce, greens and vegetables to add to our selection of local root vegetables like beets, onions, garlic and the world’s greatest carrots.

Make sure you stock up on Stellar Gourmet mushrooms this week. Stellar is going to be taking a well-deserved production break, so this is the last week to get their incredible oyster mushrooms for a while.

But wait…there’s more!

As a thank you for placing an order in January (and reading to the bottom of this post), the first 50 customers to place an order in January will enjoy 10% off their order.

Use this coupon code to save money while you help build a stronger local food network: B2DFEC970A.

We know, it’s cold, and you have holiday bills hanging around…but we’ll deliver, and we won’t tell if you greet us in your flannel PJ pants!

Happy New Year and happy shopping!