Our goal as a company is to make it easier for you to buy local food staples and support food producers here at home – rather than food from far away. We are pleased to add another great selection of local food staples to our store this week.

Daily Bread

The Northgate Bakery is a Regina institution that has been serving this community for over 40 years. We will be expanding our product list as we go forward, but to start off we now have three “bread box staples” in the store. The traditional white and 60% whole wheat breads are well priced to be your “daily-bread” as are the burger buns (60%) and hot dog buns (60%).

Lang’s Hotdogs

Speaking of hot dogs – Have you tried Lang’s Pure Pork Hotdogs? Our family has been on a quest to find a natural hotdog that can pass the taste test and work on a budget. Lang’s are a local, gluten friendly, nitrate free alternative to the “lips and uh….other things” variety of hot dogs. Lang’s are made with actual cuts of pork like picnic and shoulder roasts and just a hint of spice.

New Fish – Pike and Pickerel

We are growing our fish category this week as well with two new fillets from Northern Saskatchewan. Choose between the Pike, or the Pickerel or try the first fish in the L&F bowl…Wildwest Steelhead Trout from Lake Diefenbaker.

Gravelbourg Cranberry Mustard

We have added some new condiments this week that might compliment your fish (or fowl for that matter) nicely. You can’t go wrong with any of the Gravelbourg Mustards. The French and German are family favourites – but the new Cranberry Mustard is a great one for adding some local flavour to a dish. While you are adding flavour – we are pleased to see that cilantro is back from Floating Gardens.

Try the eggs!

After Easter, there is usually a shortage of eggs in our house (but lots of food coloured egg salad it seems). Stock up with our Farm Fresh Brown Eggs from Star Eggs. We now have a very solid supply chain for these free-run, cage free eggs.

Cuppa T

Finally, how about a nice cup of tea? We are big fans of Cuppa T on 13th Avenue in Cathedral and pleased to add their product to our delivery service. Check out all of Cuppa T’s product in the Tea section for a selection of loose teas including: Chocolate Coconut Rooibos, Strawberry Mint Herbal, and Creamy Early Grey.

Keep watching the “New to Local & Fresh” section of the site…more staples and local favourites are coming soon.

And as always, thanks for helping build a stronger local food network!