One of the most frequently requested items from our customer survey? Recipes!
You asked, and we heard you. Starting today, we’ll mix up our Producer and Product Profiles with our own family-tested recipes using the great food from L & F. Do you have a favourite that you love to make with ingredients from our store? Send it to info@localandfresh.ca if you’re willing to share, and we may feature your recipe! (And we’ll send along a treat for you to say “thanks for sharing.”)

Local & Fresh Taco Night
We like this recipe because it cooks up quickly, so it’s great on busy nights, and it only uses a couple of store-bought items (definitely no taco kit “mystery sauce” here!)
If you’re feeling ambitious, try making your own tortillas with R & J Mills unbleached white flour. Here’s a guide.

Tacos & Toppings (Serves 4)
Add these Items to your order:
1 to 1. 5 lb Pine View or Drake Meats ground beef
1 pkg Splendor Garden Organic Taco Seasoning Mix
Lettuce or shoots for cool crunch
1 lb Floating Gardens cocktail tomatoes
1 block Bothwell medium cheddar chesse
1 jar Trogi Foods Original or Hot Salsa

Plus these pantry/fridge items:
1 tsp cornstarch
1/3 cup water
Your favourite taco holders (tortillas, shells, etc.)
Sour cream (if desired)

1. Dice veggies; grate the cheddar. (You probably don’t need to grate the whole block, but adjust your need for cheese accordingly.) This is a great job for “kitchen helpers” if you have any lurking around!

2. Brown ground beef wiht a sprinkle of taco seasoning; stir 1 tablespoon spice mix and corn starch into water. (You can adjust the heat & flavour of this mix according to your own tastes, but a tbsp is a good start.)
3. When beef is browned, drain; pour in spice mixture and stir for 30 seconds until it thickens, making sauce.
4. Serve taco beef & toppings at the table so everyon can put together one that works for them. Enjoy!


Get this recipe in a printable PDF here.