Last Mountain Distillery Ltd is proud to be Saskatchewan’s first micro distillery. Located in Lumsden, the heart of grain country, they are a family owned operation with a commitment to producing high quality, handcrafted spirits.

Owners Colin and Meredith Schmidt began their road to starting Saskatchewan’s first micro distillery in 2010. After searching for a unique Saskatchewan spirit and finding none, it seemed an obvious industry for the heart of the prairies. Although Colin and Meredith’s professional backgrounds were in banking and finance, they had been hobby craftsmen 2008.

After receiving encouragement and advice from one of Colin’s friends who had successfully opened a micro distillery in the United States, they decided it was full steam ahead and began the process of becoming Saskatchewan’s first micro distillery. After working for almost a year and a half out of what used to be their garage, Last Mountain Distillery moved into its current location in March of 2013.

Their primary products are vodka and whisky.

Their Premium Vodka is triple distilled and comes off the still head at over 190 proof. It is then filtered through stone carbon before being diluted down to 40% alc./vol.and bottled.

Their Whisky is made from Prairie Wheat and goes through a unique aging process that brings out the full flavours in the grain. It is this special aging process Last Mountain whisky its rich complex character.

They also offer a variety of specialty products like Dill Pickle Vodka, Private Reserve Whisky and The Mayor’s Rum.

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