How was your Canada day?

Canada Day is a day to take a moment somewhere in between the hot dogs, face-painting and fireworks to be grateful for the country we live in and the bounty that we enjoy…even more so here in Saskatchewan.

That bounty is evident again this week as we add more fresh vegetables to the store and meat for your bar-b-que. Ahhh…summer!

Fresh from the fields

The gardens are in full swing now with Spinach, Swiss Chard, Baby Butter Head, Gourmet Mix and Green Onions rolling in fresh from the Green Ranch. Baby Bok Choy is now on stream and field peas are not far behind. Watch the “New to Local & Fresh” section in the next couple of days for fresh peas and a super convenient fresh-frozen option for peas.

Local on the Bar-B-Que

Chicken smokies, Hot dogs, bacon burgers and sirloin steak are always bar-b-que faves but how about Korean Style Ribs, Chicken Souvlaki or Wildwest Steelhead trout.

This week we’ve added a bulk pack of Drake Pork Chops and their amazing Garlic Coil.

Building Food Security – REACH Lottery

Indeed, we are grateful for the bounty of local food. However, access to quality food is still a serious issue for many in our community.

REACH is a food security organization in Regina that partners with over 150 organizations and schools to deliver a range of healthy food programs. We are pleased to be working with them to help promote their “FEED the City TASTE the World” lottery. We’ve added tickets to the lottery to the store. You can find them by searching REACH in the handy search tool in the top left corner of our site. (Lottery License #RR15-0169)

The contest has over two dozen different food inspired prizes including: gift certificates from local restaurants, a 1999 Chateau Lafite Rothschild worth over $1,300 and a trip from West Jet. Check out the complete list of prizes and the contest rules.

Have a great week!

As always, thank you for helping us build a stronger local food network.

The Local & Fresh Team