Water was certainly top of mind for Regina for the past week as we got just a small taste of what California is dealing with when it comes to the need to conserve water. The drought in California is already getting the blame for produce price increases in Canada that are coming hot on the heels of major price jumps for beef and chicken. The alarm bells about our food security are starting to ring.

This is why we started Local & Fresh. To preserve and strengthen the local food network to both provide a better option for both price and quality, as the implications of a global food system start to come home to roost like over-priced factory farm chickens. That, and local food just tastes better!

Freshness you can taste

Many of you have enjoyed the benefits of a local food system this week when the timing has been such that your Pioneer Gardens asparagus or Green Ranch pea shoots have been delivered just an hour or two from being cut in the field. Now that’s fresh!

We are adding more fresh greens this week, including Green Ranch spinach and wheat grass trays. The spinach is so fresh when you pick up a bag of it you can feel a remarkable “spring” in the bag thanks to the fresh crispness of the leaves. Add in some Lajord Colony radishes and the incomparable Floating Gardens cocktail tomatoes and you have big bowl of fresh!

It doesn’t get any fresher than the wheat grass trays. The farm to table (or juicer) timing is measured in seconds when you are the one doing the cutting from these 4×6 trays of living wheat grass.

More Rebellion Brews

Two more craft brews are now available for home delivery. The classic Rebellion IPA and a new seasonal beer that is fantastic when paired with Solo Italia’s Blue Cheese and Pear Walnut Pizza (sounds crazy – but trust us!). Golden Crush is an easy drinking summer ale with notes of pineapple, mango and papaya with a mild flavourful hop finish.

Kaiser Buns

We love when we get request for items to add to our store…and this one is a good one for summer bar-b-cues and picnics. We have added Northgate Bakery’s beautiful Kaiser buns. These fluffy and soft buns are big enough to handle a hefty burger or a huge stack of pastrami. What would you like to see added? Let us know!

SALT Beef Jerky

Speaking of amazing charcuterie….the SALT Food Boutique Beef Jerky is now available for delivery!

Don’t Forget Your (root) Vegetables!

We have carrots and beets back in good supply – for now. If you are looking to stock up before they are gone, we have carrots in 3lb, 5lb and 10lb bags and beets in a 1.5lb bag.

Have a great week!