There is a reason why local is the first word in our name.

Our goal is to strengthen our local sustainability – starting with what you eat AND what you drink.

We added locally roasted coffee earlier this month and now we are thrilled to be able to add local craft beer, local distilled spirits and wine to our delivery service.

We have obtained the SLGA permit that allows Local & Fresh to deliver alcohol to a private residence. There are some rules and regulations to work within; but here’s what it could look like.

Say for example you have a favourite craft beer you like. By adding it to your Local & Fresh Stock Box we would be able to deliver a growler or two each week along with your regular delivery of local and fresh meat, produce and bread. We can’t deliver to an office or through the Mobile Market – but we can offer the convenience of bringing your favourite craft brew or local highball to your home on a regular basis.

Stay tuned for more details on who we will be adding to the supplier list – but if you have a favourite potent potable you would like us to look into adding, Tweet us @fresh2home.