When I was young I used to advance the argument to my Mom that “all the cool kids are doing it” was a plausible reason for doing things like wearing boat shoes with no socks in winter or why I absolutely had to have one of those terribly overpriced “Beaver Canoe” sweatshirts. With hindsight and (some) wisdom born of age, the argument had lost much of its merit…until now.

The past few weeks on the doorstep doing deliveries has given me a new appreciation for “the cool kids” – our Local & Fresh customers. Or more specifically what it is like to share a common interest with a great group of people.

Whether you are motivated by saving the climate by reducing your carbon footprint, supporting the local economy, or eating healthier food; it has been one of the best experiences of this young company so far to meet our customers and see and hear the appreciation that comes from bringing the bounty of a farmer’s market right to your door. Thank you for your support and thank you for being a part of building a stronger local food network.

Our goal as a company is not to be another Wall-Market or Supersized Store. We don’t want to replicate the old model. Our goal is to grow to be a sustainable business that has a loyal base of customers (our own little cool kids club) whom we can provide and maintain a standard of service and quality of product that stands in stark contrast to the “big box” model.

That said, we do need to grow more to be sustainable – so we thought we would start with the “cool kids” and see who they know.

To help out we have a small highlight sheet that you can share with others who you might think are a good fit for our “club”.

Local & Fresh Introduction EmailPDF

As a thank-you, we will be running our referral promotion again this month – so your name could be entered into the draw for a $200 Local & Fresh shopping spree.