Campbell Greenhouses in Annaheim, Saskatchewan (not California!) grows a variety of produce in their pesticide-free, auqaponic facility. Fresh-grown shoots, herbs and greens are harvested and shipped to you, sometimes within just hours of being cut. Now that’s fresh!

Campbell Greenhouses recently launched the “Triple Shot” a mix of pea, radish and sunflower shoots. It is a great way to add nutrition, flavour and crunch to your meals. Serve this mix as a ready-to-go salad base, a shot of crunch in a stir fry or as a nutrient dense topping for wraps, sandwiches or herbs.

Shoots pack a powerful punch of nutrition in a tiny tasty package. Loaded with vitamin C, and A and antioxidants, each 50 gram package is a low-calorie high value shot of nutrition, flavour and crunch.

Check out their website for more information.


Box 100 Annaheim SK S0K 0G0


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