Caliber is a small craft coffee roaster in Regina. It was founded in 2013 by Kyle Chalupiak and Desmond Mulvey. Kyle and Desmond have been involved in the commercial coffee business for over 30 years between them, offering packaged coffee and coffee brewing machines to the wholesale and workplace market through Ambassador Coffee in Regina and Saskatoon.

They operate in a fair and honest manner and say that focusing in on the quality of coffee and service has been the key to their success.

Kyle Chalupiak was born into the coffee business with his father originally starting the company over 25 years ago. He usually drinks about 3 cups of coffee on weekdays. Above anything else, Kyle likes to spend time with his family and he is passionate about being a great dad.

Desmond Mulvey is their Coffee & Espresso Specialist. As Desmond likes to say, he works in this business “because of the coffee, then the people (in that order)”. Des’ drink of choice is an espresso macchiato; sometimes he uses a pour over when drinking freshly roasted coffee.In his spare time, Des likes to cook and is a self-proclaimed wine aficionado.

They offer a great selection of conventional, Rain Forest Alliance, Organic, and Direct Trade coffee as well as some fabulous micro-lots. Their coffee is sourced from 100% Arabica beans.This mountain grown coffee takes two to three months to mature which produces a richer, fuller tasting coffee.Because it is roasted locally in Regina, the coffee has been roasted only a few days prior to your tasting experience.

Their supply chain is such that there is only one point of contact between them and the farmer. Their wholesaler buys direct from the farmer – rather than the tangled web of distribution you often find in coffee. That gives their product great traceability and accountability in terms of source.

Whether you are a café looking for a better coffee program and Barista training or a consumer looking for only the best local fresh roasted coffee they have everything you need.