Drink Local Too – Rebellion Brewing delivery
Building a stronger local food network isn’t just about what you eat…it is also about what you drink.
Local and fresh are also very good qualities in a beer. We are very pleased to be adding delivery service for Rebellion Brewing!

To start off with, we will be offering three brews in the reusable 64oz glass growler:
Wheat Ale, Oatmeal Stout, Amber Ale.

Red Can Replacement

As a child of the 70’s I have some peculiar tastes that my children often cast a sceptical eye at. I chock it up to the power of advertising. I think Campbell’s Soup must have spent a fortune for ads on The Beachcombers – because it seems like two-thirds of our family recipes as a kid started with that iconic red can of soup and its trademark “gloop” sound as it is being added to the pork chops, casserole or tuna-noodle.

When I had kids and started making those family favourites, I also started reading the ingredients list on that red and white can, I became passionate about finding ways to replace the “gloop” with something that was simple and flavourful, but missing the MSG and made a lot closer to home.

Shelly from Soup Simply and I were chatting recently and I shared my disdain for “gloop soup”.  Luckily, she has a passion and incredible talent for making soup. And Shelly has delivered the perfect red can replacement.

We are thrilled to offer her new Mushroom Soup as a incredible soup all on its own, or as a rich, flavourful start to any of your recipes that call for “a can of…”. You will find it in the prepared foods section in two sizes 500ml and the “family size” 850ml.

Three Farmers Chick Peas – New Flavour
If you’re not hooked on Three Farmers Roasted Chickpeas as a protein-packed snack yet, you will be when you try the new flavour – Sea Salt and Lime. These crunchy, zingy, savoury beauties will quickly take the edge off your hunger and their zesty flavours can compete with any air-puffed bag of snacks. They are a great “goldfish” replacement too! Add them to your order HERE.

Stacey’s Kitchen
Our good friend Stacey keeps cooking up the tasty and easy real-life recipes. Watch our Facebook and Twitter feeds for her creative kitchen ideas, and follow @SHunter25 on Twitter or “Stacey’s Kitchen” on Facebook to keep up with all of the ideas coming from her kitchen!

This week, she’s created another new Stock Box with her recipe: “Chicken Lazone and Stress Free Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes”. You will find all of her creations in the Stock Box section.

Local & Fresh Updates
Keeping “Abreast” of Sizes
After some great customer feedback and a few weeks of making jokes about “C-cup” and “D-cup” chickens, we have changed the Pine View chicken breasts to be priced by the pound. This will help us manage around the natural size variation, and ensure that when you order by weight, you’re getting what you paid for. You will find them as 1lb, 3lb, and 5lb.

Staples on the truck and mobile markets
We will soon start carrying some local staples on truck for purchase at delivery. Northgate Bakery bread, Farm Fresh eggs, locally roasted coffee and the world’s greatest Salsa from Trogi’s will be the first items we’ll start to cary but we’d like to hear what you would like to see available at delivery. Drop us a line at info@localandfresh.ca or give us a Tweet @fresh2home.

Thanks you for your support as we build a better local food network!