Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can change your mood, change your perspective and even change the world. Today, we are extremely grateful to be celebrating the second anniversary of our little company!
Second anniversary
We are grateful for the customers who support our vision of a stronger local food network, and have helped us grow from a handful of early adopters in August 2014 to over 1,000 customers today. (Find out more about being a Local Food Champion at the end.)

We are grateful for the incredible bounty of this province that has seen our product list go from 200 on day one to over 1,200 local and fresh items in the store, with more arriving each week. We are grateful for our producers who now number more than 40 and are growing every month. We all benefit from their passion for good food.

While our numbers have changed over two years, it’s interesting to note how some other numbers have also changed. Whether it is the average temperature of the planet, the water levels in California’s Central Valley, or the value of the Canadian dollar (and its impact on the price of food from “far-far away”). These numbers stand as reasons to build a stronger local food network. And even if you are an optimist about the challenges we face today – you will appreciate the quality and taste difference that you find with local food.

That is our mission: to ensure that you have access to a robust and vibrant local food chain, and to make it easier to eat local.

On our anniversary, we want show our gratitude to those that that want to take a more active role in building our local food system by offering free delivery for those that chose to be Local Food Champions.

There is no fee. No catch. No card to put in your wallet. All we ask is that you order a minimum of $200 a month or 4 deliveries per month. To put that percentage of local food in perspective, the average Saskatchewan family spends about $700 to $1,100 a month on groceries and makes up to 17 trips to a “big box”.

What does being a Local Food Champion get you?

  • Free delivery all the time (at $200 per month or 4 orders per month)
  • The freshest, best-tasting food in the province
  • Special offers and discount pricing and coupons just for Champions
  • Special events
  • Early access privileges for seasonal items
  • Tell us what you’d like to see!

If you are grateful for the opportunity to help build a better local food network, drop us a line at info@localandfresh.ca and tell us that you want to be a Local Food Champion. We’ll add you to the list!