In Praise of Butter

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This week is less of a recipe and more of an ode to an ingredient: we love butter! Some of us were raised in “margarine houses” in our youth (hey, it was the heart-healthy style at the time) and bringing butter back has truly been a revolution in our kitchen. And if science would now […]

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Recipe: Perfect Roast Chicken

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Southland Colony whole roasting chickens are always on our top seller list, and that’s because they are miles away from the sad little birds sold on styrofoam trays. Weighing about six pounds, this is a chicken dinner you will truly enjoy, with enough left over to enjoy again! Add to your order: 1 Southland Colony […]

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Producer Profile: Best Food Forward

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Welcome back to Producer Profiles! This week’s profile is all about value-added: it’s kind of a buzzword phrase that gets tossed around, but what does value-added mean in local food? We see it as any improvement made from raw product – taking it from its basic form and enhancing it to make it better for […]

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