Best Sandwich EVER!

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My seven-year-old son made me a sandwich this weekend, and it was the best sandwich I have ever had. And it didn’t even have bacon on it. It may be hard to believe that a piece of bologna slapped between two pieces of bread with a VERY generous helping of unevenly spread mustard could even […]

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Reconnecting Farmers and Consumers

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Reconnecting Farmers and Consumers In farming and in life, I have found that relationships are everything. The relationship between the producer and the consumer actually begins far from the point of sale. It begins on the farm itself. The farmer must have a relationship with the land, animals and plants long before they can build […]

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Who’s your family farmer?

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We have never lived in a more connected time. I am constantly amazed by the ability unleashed by the smartphone in my hand to connect with practically anyone in the world. Twitter gives us the ability to reach out to celebrities or newsmakers and touch them directly – or at least make their phone go […]

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