Early Harvest

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Now that the calendar has a bit of August under its belt (it’s all happening so fast!), it’s starting to be time for harvest. It is an early one this year! New this week from the Green Ranch Our valued partners and friends Tim and Carla Shultz have been going and growing at The Green […]

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Veggies don’t get any fresher than this!

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Ah, summer – there’s nothing better than warm days, long nights and sun (the occasional rain doesn’t hurt anything, Mother Nature, just a humble reminder). Fresh Veg Ready to Go It’s also one of the best times to be a Local & Fresh customer, because this is when everything green & growing is coming ON. […]

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Grateful for the bounty

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How was your Canada day? Canada Day is a day to take a moment somewhere in between the hot dogs, face-painting and fireworks to be grateful for the country we live in and the bounty that we enjoy…even more so here in Saskatchewan. That bounty is evident again this week as we add more fresh […]

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“Eat Tastier. Eat Healthier.”

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Mark Twain once said he could “dine for two months on a good compliment”. If that is true, a recent Tweet from a customer could probably keep us going until Fall. A tweet from @chadtameling captured what we are hoping to achieve in just a few short words: “Thanks for another great order! @fresh2home. Our […]

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Saaay cheese!

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While the primary purpose of Local & Fresh may be building a stronger local food network, we can’t help but notice that there are some added benefits to home delivery of local food – like less trips to the grocery store! As we grow the products we offer we hope to make it easier and […]

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What does it take to make a farm?

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Tim and Carla Shultz own The Green Ranch, a natural protocol vegetable farm near Osage Saskatchewan. Tim is a Partner and the Director of Producer Relations for Local & Fresh.    Recently, I was invited to speak at a film screening for “To Make A Farm” by Steve Suderman of Orangeville Road Pictures. To Make a […]

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Reconnecting Farmers and Consumers

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Reconnecting Farmers and Consumers In farming and in life, I have found that relationships are everything. The relationship between the producer and the consumer actually begins far from the point of sale. It begins on the farm itself. The farmer must have a relationship with the land, animals and plants long before they can build […]

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