Producer Profile: Prairie Meats

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They’ve been a name in Saskatoon for over 30 years, and now Prairie Meats has come to Regina! In addition to cuts of all-natural Prairie Angus beef in their stores, they smoke and cure meats in-house at their Saskatoon shop…including bacon. Oooo, bacon…. This family-owned business focuses on quality and service, making them a pleasure […]

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Not the bacon!

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Perhaps “My Generation” listened to too much classic rock, but every time I hear about the W-H-O it sets off an endless playlist of hits from The Who in my head. This week’s pronouncement from the World Health Organization (WHO) was no different. When I heard the news that some of the tastiest meats had […]

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Hot coal in my hand

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Take a look at the chicken breasts above before you read on. I am not naturally prone to anger – but there are a couple things that really tick me off. Thinking about the number of passwords and PINs required to exist in our world these days can set me off on a tirade that […]

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What a week!

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Thanks for a tremendous first week! Thank you to everyone who ordered product on our first week of deliveries. I hope you enjoyed the gifts and samples for first time customers as much as you enjoyed your local food favourites. There has only been one other time when I have experienced the same mix of […]

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Best Sandwich EVER!

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My seven-year-old son made me a sandwich this weekend, and it was the best sandwich I have ever had. And it didn’t even have bacon on it. It may be hard to believe that a piece of bologna slapped between two pieces of bread with a VERY generous helping of unevenly spread mustard could even […]

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