Recipe: Big Weekend Breakfast

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Nothing beats a big weekend breakfast! We used to love hitting up our favourite spots for a luxurious brunch…and then we had children. While they love brunch foods, they don’t love long lines or waiting to eat. Now, we usually make a big weekend breakfast at home, but it’s every bit as good, and we get to eat it in our PJ’s! (Bed-head optional.)

Here’s our favourite pancake recipe:

Pancake recipe

Not a great from-scratch maker? You can’t go wrong with pancake mix – just add eggs and oil and enjoy great cakes! Try Daybreak Mill, which is loaded with good-for-you grains, or the organic mix from Rusty’s Wild Rice.

Switch up your pancakes by adding organic fruit toppings from Over The Hill – we carry raspberry, saskatoon, chokecherry, prairie cherry, and a household favourite, blueberry. Great on ice cream or stirred into yogurt or oatmeal, too!

Add eggs, bacon or sausage to your order and make a breakfast that stretches to lunch and beyond. Pine View All Natural Meats bacon may look a little different (they use the whole cut, so sometimes you’re getting fatter slices, with a look that’s similar to back bacon) and you’re getting full flavour.

Bon appetit!

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