Product Profile: Try These Local Tastes for a Toonie!

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Our second anniversary celebrations continue! These great local foods are all first-try priced at a toonie. Had one of them before? Try another new taste for two bucks!

Solo Italia Angel Hair Spaghetti
This fresh-made, flash-frozen pasta is amazingly filling and is just made to soak up your favourite sauce. Try it in regular or whole wheat.

Hearty Soup
Beef bone broth is all the rage right now, but it’s nothing new: just a flavourful soup stock made by slow-simmering beef bones with a few veggies to amp up the flavour. Try the Pine View Farms All Natural Meats Beef Soup Bones and make a hearty beef bone stock with this recipe.

Beef soup bones

The very definition of sweet-tart is…
Prairie Cherry Splash juice from Over The Hill Orchards. It’s also great mixed 50-50 with club soda and a little muddled mint (add your favourite spirit for a refreshing cocktail!)

Northgate Bakery Breads
Our kids eagerly gobble up toast and sandwiches made with Northgate Bakery 60% whole wheat bread. Sometimes, when only a fluffy slice of white bread will do, this is the white bread we choose. Pairs well with peanut butter.

Fancy a Curry?
Equally great with veggies or meats, the Calcutta Curry blend from Chatty’s of Saskatoon is the perfect, simple start to a richly flavourful curry.

Angela’s Own Dip Mixes
Perfectly proportioned flavours in a handy package! Mix up your favourite and pass the chips, or the veggies, or the chicken fingers…try bacon & onion, Cajun, Dill, Garden Vegetable, Mock Guac or classic Ranch.

First-time prices in effect on these items until September 21, 2016. To receive first-time pricing, simply place an item in your cart! If it’s the first time you have ever ordered it, you’ll get it for a toonie!

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