Product Profile: Find a New Favourite

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Everyone has their favourites; the things you order and eat every week. To celebrate our second anniversary, we want to expand that “favourites” list! Every Wednesday until the end of September, we’ll pick out some great products that you can try for the first time for a toonie! The first-time prices will last for a week, and are good while quantities last. (The only catch: it has to be the very first time you order the product; if you have had it before, choose another to try!) Here’s this week’s line up:

Marco Bread – Like a baguette made from pizza dough, this par-baked loaf goes from freezer to oven to table in about 10 minutes and is the perfect side for Italian dishes or soups.

Marco bread

Daybreak Mills wheat bran – mix it into muffins or swap it into meatloaf and burgers in place of bread crumbs.

Wheat bran

Pine View Farms Beef Brisket “Bacon” – thin slices of brisket, ready to eat on a sandwich (love it with mustard!) or throw into a hot pan for beefy “bacon” slices.

Brisket bacon

Pike – wild caught northern Saskatchewan pike, ready to be battered or baked.

Fresh onions – grown by the Lajord Hutterite Colony, these sweet beauties are great for cooking or sliced raw for burger toppings.

Amado’s Pitas – try white or 60% whole wheat. Cut and serve as a pita pocket, make your own pita chips, or use them as quick pizza crusts!


Chatty’s Chicken Curry – sprinkle into your favourite recipe or mix the spices with yogurt to make a tangy marinade.

We hope you find a new favourite!

Bon appetit!

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