Producer Profiles: Meet Bothwell Cheese

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Welcome back to Producer Profiles!

This week, we’d like to introduce you to a product that can be sharp but smooth, mild but flavourful, solid, yet with the potential for melted, gooey goodness: Bothwell Cheese.

The joke around our shop is that Bothwell is our “imported” cheese, because it comes to us all the way from “across the border” in New Bothwell, Manitoba. We agreed it was worth the import to have cheese made with 100% pure Canadian milk, without any fillers or additives. The result is just great cheese.

Bothwell Cheese started in the town of New Bothwell, Manitoba, in 1936. It’s in the heart of dairy country in southeastern part of the province.  At Bothwell Cheese, they call cheese making their way of life. Their products are made with fresh, locally sourced milk, all of which are natural cheeses. They’re so into it, they blog about it! You can follow their ideas, process (warning: cheesy puns) and cheese knowledge here.

They also have many, many ways to use cheese in their recipe section.

If you’re new to Bothwell cheese, a perfect “gateway” cheese is the medium cheddar. Our personal fave when feeling a bit fancy is the creamy smoked gouda, which is amazing on its own or as part of a charcuterie tray. We also can’t say enough about the amazing shredded mozzarella pizza cheese. It melts perfectly with no greasy separation, and adds smooth, creamy taste to complement the spices in the sauce and the meat…excuse us, it’s time to make a pizza! You can find all the varieties of Bothwell Cheese that we carry in our Dairy section under “cow cheese”.

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Bon appetit!

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