Producer Profile: Best Food Forward

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Welcome back to Producer Profiles!

This week’s profile is all about value-added: it’s kind of a buzzword phrase that gets tossed around, but what does value-added mean in local food? We see it as any improvement made from raw product – taking it from its basic form and enhancing it to make it better for the consumer. And our new neighbours at Best Food Forward are definitely adding value! Ginger and her team are Regina’s meal concierges, taking great local inputs and making ready to heat and eat meals and more, with love, from their kitchen to yours.

The menu at Best Food Forward changes every week, and we will be carrying some of their menu items, for delivery to you, every week! Solve the question of what’s for supper, give yourself the night off, and enjoy a meal made from scratch with fresh, whole ingredients and no funny stuff. You can order whatever portion amount is right for you, and check out their little extras too: things like fresh-baked breads and frozen breakfast burritos! BFF let us into their kitchen for a look at why they do what they do – take the tour with us:

Producer Profile BFF

If you are interested in seeing the whole menu at BFF, check out the full web site here

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Bon appetit!

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Brandie Kruse says:

June 23, 2016 at 1:52 pm

What an incredible idea! The BFf menu looks deliCious – yum????


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