Recipe: Wife Cake

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Find Out How to Make Wife Cake This guest recipe comes to us courtesy of our very own Brian Morissey, one half of the dynamic duo of Brian and Dana, who make deliveries for Local & Fresh on Thursdays and Saturdays and are two fabulous humans. While initially it seems to just be a clever […]

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Announcing: The Local Market

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All-Rite Group of Companies and Local & Fresh announced a new lease on life for the former Weston Bakery Building at 1377 Hamilton Street: the majority of the main floor will become the The Local Market, owned and operated by Local & Fresh. The Local Market will feature three distinct areas: a breakfast/lunch counter and […]

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Grill a Great Steak!

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Grill a Great Steak for Dad (and everyone!) These tips for grilling a great steak are easy to follow and will result in an amazing dinner – provided your Dad actually lets you use the BBQ. (If Dad’s from the “char everything evenly until it’s done” school of cooking, tell him to relax while you […]

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The Well Stocked Pantry

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This week we read such a great post by Melanie Boldt of Pine View Farms All Natural Meats that we asked to borrow it! To help combat these cooking ruts, I have found it helpful to have a well-stocked pantry with staples that can be used to serve up a plethora of meals without much […]

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Recipe: Minestrone Soup and the many ways to make it

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Is there a more perfect soup than Minestrone? With a rich, tomato base this soup can take on any flavours you have in the house, which makes it perfect for eating your veggies and using up odds & ends, and it still comes out delicious! We recommend pairing yours with a loaf of Marco Bread. […]

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Recipe: Marco Bread Melts

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What’s Marco bread? It’s our name for the beautiful baguettes that Solo Italia makes! Our boys took to calling it “Marco bread” because, well, that’s who makes it, and it just stuck. These versatile loaves are par-baked in the Solo Italia wood-fired oven, and easily and quickly reheated in yours for warm, crisp outside, soft […]

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Join in the Local Love!

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We’ve been feeling the local love! Here’s a quick update on the Local Love Contest (haven’t seen the details yet? Check it out here.) Big Ol’ Basket of Love Continues to Grow The local producers are really showing their love and contributing all kinds of great treats to our Grand Prize basket! Here’s what’s gone […]

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Show Your Local Love!

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It’s a short month, so let’s fill February with love! Not gooey, chocolate-filled, heart-shaped card love (though that is nice one day a year), but 28 beautiful days of loving our province, our producers, and every wonderful thing we make right here! Join us as we make February all about the #LocalLove. We Love Seeing […]

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In Praise of Butter

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This week is less of a recipe and more of an ode to an ingredient: we love butter! Some of us were raised in “margarine houses” in our youth (hey, it was the heart-healthy style at the time) and bringing butter back has truly been a revolution in our kitchen. And if science would now […]

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Producer Profile: Prairie Meats

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They’ve been a name in Saskatoon for over 30 years, and now Prairie Meats has come to Regina! In addition to cuts of all-natural Prairie Angus beef in their stores, they smoke and cure meats in-house at their Saskatoon shop…including bacon. Oooo, bacon…. This family-owned business focuses on quality and service, making them a pleasure […]

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