What does Fall mean to you? Bounty, Family, Community, Fundraising, and turkeys?

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To a farmer fall means harvest…late hours, endless appreciation for mother nature, crisp nights, dewy mornings, chance of frost, family, reward for a season of labour…and more. 

To me fall has always had a special place in my heart.  When I was a kid it was riding in the tractor with my dad being mesmerized with the swath of wheat being sucked into the combine.  Eating supper in the field surrounded by family, feeling the crisp dark air and listening to the silence of the night once we shut the tractor off for the night and were walking back to the pickup truck to go home.  Waiting in the grain truck for the combine to be full and watching hawks swoop to catch a mouse that had wandered out from under the swath.  So many fond memories are connected with fall. 

As a young couple  just a few years into farming on our own I remember in particular one fall night spending the evening and into the early morning gathering tomatoes, pumpkins and squash by flashlight so they would not get damaged by frost.  Our first child was a baby then and we had him sitting all bundled up in a rubber-made tote while we harvested the fruits of our summers labour.

As a consumer, what does fall mean to you?  Maybe your Fall emotions and memories are similar to mine if you have farm connections or have a family garden? 

I think to all of us though we could say fall means… a shift to more hearty meals, promise of family time (Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas coming up) crisp nights, Fall produce and fruit like Pumpkins, Squash, and apples.  Maybe it is community involvement.  Coaching school sport teams, volunteering at various charitable organizations, fundraising for schools and clubs etc…


Ask us about ways that Local and Fresh can help bring the local bounty to you while supporting a local cause.  We have fundraiser packages available, and do some ongoing fundraisers with various organizations such as the FCC Drive Away Hunger Campaign which runs from Aug 8 – Oct 18/2018  We are donating 2 lbs of food to the Regina Food Bank for every online order placed through Local and Fresh.  To date we have committed 645 lbs of food!!!. We would love to partner with your organization to come up with a creative way to fundraise for you!


No Fall would feel right without a Turkey!!!  Our two producers that raise turkeys for us have confirmed delivery times of Fresh birds for Thanksgiving.  Pine View Farms will be delivering birds fresh the week of Thanksgiving, and Southland Colony will be delivering Fresh birds the week prior so we will be freezing them to delivery to you Frozen.  Both of these options are available online now by ordering them for the week of Thanksgiving.  Click here to order yours today

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